Marajuana, canibis or Hash in resin form as first used by Soro in the early '90s. Also see Honty
"Come on, let's smoke some haunty!"
by J Oval April 07, 2006
Top Definition
A member of the female species who will do anything to get into the passenger seat of a nice looking car.
Ernie: "Hey guys check out that Haunty on the left checking out my car."

Ronan: "Oh yes she is rather haunty."

Chris: "HAUNTY!!!!

Ronan: "That was rather humourous the way you shouted haunty at that damp yoke Chris."
by HimMNC June 18, 2009
Looking absolutely fabulous and ultimately slaying the scene.
Scott: We went to a fitting for Billboard Music Awards and our outfits, HAUNTY!
Mitch: Haunty, Slay, Work!!
by ParallelWanker May 14, 2015
Word to describe a good-looking Indian Woman that could be of aunty status.

That aunt is an haunty.
by Indiandude July 15, 2008
Two or more of female species
Haunty's yeeerrrt
by IMinit October 18, 2010
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