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What people local to/in Hawaii call Caucasians/ white tourist.Usually haulies are from the mainland USA, or really anywhere other than the Hawaiian Islands.If you are white but born and raised on the Islands, then technically you not one haulie.Some people spell it like haolie.And (coming from a local) haulies usually wear shoes, hats, aloha shirts (-.-), are frickin' irritating, dunno where the hell they stay going, are pretty stupid, etc.The worst and most irritating one to us locals is they pronounce EVERYTHING wrong. >.<
LOCAL 1:Ho brah, dat one frickin' haulie just wen' give me da stink eye!You wen' see ya?!

LOCAL 2:Ya, i saw the bugga do dat!Ho dat one!Wish all dem haulies would jus' go back to da mainland already!

LOCAL 1:Ho, dat be da life brah!Haulie free!!
by HawaiianLife808 September 21, 2010
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