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Fourth largest city in Mississippi. Known as "The Hub City" due to geographic location to other city in the region. Home to the University of Southern Mississippi. Camp Shelby is located just South of Hattiesburg. At 136,000 acres it is the largest National Guard training site in the nation.

non Hood Hattiesburg is made up increasingly of people that fit into one or more of these groups:

1. Stand next to you and yell into their cellphones while you are trying to read in Books-A-Million or enjoy nature on the Long Leaf Trace.

2. Want to tell you how much money they make, their son in another state makes and everyone else in their family. What their house cost and what it cost to remodel. What their 47 inch TV cost. You get all this information within two minutes of asking, "hey how is it going?" from a stranger or someone you have not seen in a while.

3. Drive $58,000 Chevy Tahoes with W stickers on the back or a Jesus fish.

4. Pretentious yuppie scum that think living in the most exclusive neighborhood and bigger house with gaudy stainless steel appliances makes you a better person.

5. Gets depressed about living in a little 2600 sq foot house of mostly unused space when there are bigger mcmansions out there!
My political science professor at Southern Miss calls everyone from Ole Miss racist. He also told the class "white people move from certain neighborhoods in Hattiesburg cause they are racist." Meantime he has been keeping it real at Lake Serene for 25 years.

Hattiesburg seems to be made up of arrogant people just trying to screw you out of your money. These people lack the work ethic and humility of people from Meridian. Probably due to Meridian being founded on factories and mills. While Hattiesburg's soul comes from a drain of bullshit starting at the pompous staff of USM.

Bret Farve lives just outside the city of Hattiesburg. He's got more money than all these poseurs and still isn't an arrogant jerk. They should follow he's lead and show a little humility when interacting with others.

When you run into someone nice in Hattiesburg it's usually cause they just moved there or live somewhere else for a good deal of time. The Republicans at softRock104 will probably read this on the air after they play Fleetwood Mac for the 12 millionth time. Rock 104 sucks! 103.7 Rulez! Yeah!
by WDAM sucks May 15, 2008
to make mediocre and make something suck
Gah, those guys always try to Hattiesburg the website.
by heough April 15, 2009
The only place with only (4 things) to do: eat, bowl, lazertag, or the one movie theater!
What do you want to do in hattiesburg?.......oh...sorry we don't have one of those. ....or those...or those! You only have four options.....sorry:(
by purpleplaya September 05, 2012
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