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Someone who likes to think they're some type of vampire-gangster hybrid. Particpates in gothic activites and does nought but detract from communities.

See also: retard, dickhead.
Oh, fuck off, Hatshit. Go suck some blood or something.
by Theo March 24, 2005

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something that's not suppose to be said because it could get you in trouble .
while I'm walking with my girlfriend i see a friend and he says DAM BRO YOU BUGGED OUT LAST NIGHT, meanwhile i told my girlfriend i didn't go out the night before i would look at him and say HATshit .
by onetakemiggy January 10, 2012
A total fucking moron who thinks he's "gangsta." No one on HG likes him, and he should get hit by a truck.
Hatshit you fucking cunt. Die.
by Dman March 23, 2005