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This is the attitude that a 'hater' has. Often found on YouTube leaving their 'hate' comments on people's 'channels, internet haters only require some typing skills and much hateitude.

Also, more popular is the all hating person that likes to hate on people that have it going on. "that mother fuker got a hateitude on 'cause I stack more paper than him and got me more bitches"
Stop it with the hateitude, I'll often reply, after a hater has left his 'comment'.

Easy with the hateitude, pops. If you don't like what you see here, change the 'channel'

The hatey attitude of the ever present hater.
by cuts777 December 07, 2010
Hateitude is a mixture of hate and attitude meaning you hate somebody's attitude because simply it is somebody you don't like.
That bitch has a hateitude towards me.

All the girls in my school have hateitudes.
by Zander_ND May 20, 2014
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