An extreme action word.
We're gonna pick up this dresser, and just hatebreed it right over the bed.

If we get to the show late, we'll just hatebreed our ways to the front.

Look at that guy over there just hatebreeding.
by TONYTALIBAN February 04, 2010
Top Definition
Awesome Metal-Mosher band with songs such as "Perseverance," "This Is Now," and "I Will Be Heard" that everyone should listen to.
That moshpit was incredible...must've been at a Hatebreed show.
by MetalMistress December 10, 2003
A really good band from New Haven, CT.
"The Rise of Brutality" is a good album by Hatebreed"
by person who knows his shit October 26, 2003
Awesome hardcore metalband, with 1 of the world's deadliest moshpits. Trust me, I've been in 1. More than 1 person has been brought to the hospital with a broken neck or a skull fracture.
-During a concert:"Ok, if someone starts bleeding, leave them alone, and when someone falls pick him up." The singer said after yet another person had broken his arm.
by Athlas July 11, 2005
A child born as a product of rape.
John Does mother got pregnant from being raped making him a hatebreed.
by xhotmessx September 17, 2008
a large man at a heavy metal concert (normally bald with beard) who stands in the middle of a mosh pit untill the end, then walks out and brags about how he "ownd the pit" and often heard saying "i set off a shit tornado"
tht douche in the pit is a total hatebreed.
by chastise pwns November 23, 2007
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