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When one masturbates and is unhappy with their life all at the same time, they basically want to kill themselves in the middle of masturbation.
Jeff failed his test today and his girlfriend broke up with him because he wanted to felch her, he will probobly hate beat tonight hard core style.
by Joker Jay February 12, 2009

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to masturbate while crying because of depression, anger or frustration. Typically performed facing a corner of a room, as in a style of self-punishment. Can be done sitting, standing or kneeling, and is often a bit violent.

Also, but not commonly, repeatedly punching oneself in the junk for pleasure.
On Friday nights, Cleo likes to hatebeat while listening to Staind and pouring hot candle wax on himself. Sometimes he does this while listening to Q Lazzarus and standing in front of a full-length mirror saying, "I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me so hard."
by Melrose927 April 05, 2010