a butch muscly body building feminist wymyns' studies studying muscle bound freak who is a pinko to boot. a hat girl also has friends of every ethnic group
Damn Hat girl said that i was eye raping and opressing her and eye raping her simply because i have a penis
by Pubert Qubert Quakenbush April 03, 2003
Top Definition
this is the girl who looks incredibly good in hats.. like ball caps, snapbacks, fitted, trucker, ANYTHING ;)
who was that Hat Girl at that party? she was really good looking!
by 420smange June 15, 2011
A Hat Girl is a girl who has the strangest arrangment of Hats just so as to stand out. They want to be non-comformist, a bit of a rebel and get noticed in this way because usually they dont have much self esteam, hence the big and outrageous hats! Unfortunatly they just end up looking stupid as, and become less popular due to the fact they dont follow the trends.
"What the fuck was that on her head!"

"Where does she think thats going to get her?"
by Short Fuse July 23, 2005
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