A city of about 22,000 twenty miles outside of St Paul. Full of helicopter moms who think the sun rises and sets out of their children's asses. Also has a substantial number of kids who think they're country because they live a mile ouside of town on a 3 acre lot with a pool, drive some POS 89 Silverado, and sport the Confederate flag. Close enough to the rest of the Twin Cities to have some sprawly growth on the edges of town, yet isolated enough to still be able to support some weird patrimonial hierarchies, socially, economically, etc. City and it's residents seem to reject the idea of assimilation into the Greater Twin Cities area, wanting to keep it's small town feel (which is okay) and it's closed minded ideals (not okay).
A: Me and my family live in Hastings, MN.
B: So you pretty much do whatever Michele Bachmann says then, huh?
A: Obv.
by ChrsJnvch86 May 07, 2011

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