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When David Hasselhoff acts like a complete asshole.
Fan: OMG! It's David Hasselhoff! Can I have your autograph?

David Hasselhoff: Fuck off!

Fan: Jeez, someone's being a hasshole.
by piratesschaf2112 January 15, 2009
David Hasselhoff's asshole.
"What IS that, man?"
"Why is it so hairy?"
"That's a hasshole. Don't touch it."
by Brett Hendar March 07, 2009
When someone is hassling you about something while being an asshole about it.
"Take out the trash already!"
"Fine I'll do it now so you can stop being an hasshole."
by xKrazyKiller January 21, 2012
a person or task requiring an unjustified amount of work and attention. Usually in the work place when referring to a client, co-worker or boss.

When used in conversation, the word stealthily sounds like hassle.
Co-worker: My boss just made me pull all the client files from last year and re-file them in chronological order rather than alphabetical.
Me: What a hasshole.
Co-Worker: Yeah, tell me about it...wait, what?
Me: Don't worry about it. Can you get me the Alvarez file from last year?
by asheville_dingo May 14, 2009
A alternative curse word for ass-hole. a word you can call your boss or authoritive figure and not get in trouble
office cubile person:You hasshole boss:what you call me ocp:a hassle boss:O i thought you called me ass-hole
by [h][ass]-[hole] January 26, 2011
Huge asshole, someone who is a much bigger asshole than an average asshole (like your boss).
President George W. Bush is an hasshole
by Ciprian Ciubotariu December 23, 2005
A person, usually a Seattle Seahawks fan, that continues to defend the play of NFL quarterback Matt Hasselbeck despite the mountain of evidence that proves Hasselbeck to be a washed-up stiff.
Can you believe that one guy on the Seahawks blog said he wants the team to re-sign that terrible piece of shit Matt Hasselbeck, even after how crummy the guy has played the last few years? What a Hasshole!
by hawks4372 December 15, 2010

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