Half asians. The coolest, smartest, best looking people you will ever meet.
Dude Carolyn, Sandy, and Taylor should start a hasians club. I would totally join!
by Timbukone September 17, 2007
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hot asian
Lucy Liu is such a hot asian, she has morphed into another species-the hasian.
by hannah March 24, 2004
a hot Asian girl, not to be confused with "Haitian"
"I saw a lot of hasians at that Thai place"
"Yeah, hot Asians... like six of them"
"You're an idiot"
by Rufus Caliente January 29, 2008
An abbreviation for a hot asian.
Is she an asian or a hasian?
by Smileshuey July 06, 2012
an attractice or "hot" asian commonly used to describe Asian porn actors
Hey dude i saw that hasian in your philosophy class today
by abdi123 January 11, 2011
A hot Asian
Look at that Chinese girl! She's one Hasian.
by Choo June 05, 2004
A half asian person. Also used to describe color.
Did you see the hasian mamba play basketball the other day? He made it rain.
by Reliable_Source October 07, 2013

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