1. A small pipe used to smoke hashish.
2. An awesome Weezer song about a transvestite hooker/junkie (seriously. I couldn't make that up).
Ex. 1 - Kyle: Damn, I borrowed Josh's hash pipe, but it was so dirty! He never cleans the bowl out!

Ex. 2 - I love Hash Pipe, but those lyrics are messed UP!
by Meggz November 26, 2007
Top Definition
A small, pipe-like device used to smoke marijuana.
"DAMN! That hash pipe burnt my lip!"
by Pot head November 23, 2004
A washed up, old spinster with unquestionable hygene difficiencies and garage door-sized (two bay) figure. Like the Old Stove, the Hash Pipe is prone to frequent in value-brand hotel bars and chain restaurants.
That hash pipe just stole my bar stool!
by Quad Dog 20/20 April 16, 2008
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