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Some one who has been played. References Hasbro,the popular Game manufacturer.
Dude stop being a Hasbro and dump him/her!
by Ta-rista November 23, 2004
The awesome company that started My Little Pony. We wouldn't have My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic without them!
<Bronie 1> I just bought Hasbro's Pinkie Pie toy at Walmart today!

<Bronie 2> AWESOME!
by Pinkie Pie Fan July 02, 2012
A buddy who plays board games with you.
I'm going to the cafe to hang out with my hasbros.
by nickbeat December 11, 2012
Hasbro is most commonly known for it's reference to child games for children under the age of 10. If you are eligible to play such games, you are considered a 'hasbro'. This basically is referring to someone being young, or under-aged.
"Yo, that club on campus is filled with mad hasbros"
by riot hysterics July 20, 2009
A male counterpart or confidant whom of which no longer associate with.
Who? Eric? No, we don't hang anymore. After he banged my sister, he's more of a hasbro.
by Ridge_Land October 21, 2010
When a bro has previously done something .
Mike - "hey brenton have you driven your pre-runner to the dunes, to play beer pong while crossfaded yet?"

Brenton - " I hasbro."
by steven villanueva October 21, 2009
A hasbro, some sort of developer/programmer which fails at every attempt. Usually tries to get money out of people by using someone else's work and then claiming other's work. Loved by the idiots, hated by the developers/programmers.
Look at this hasbro, he tries to take donations for programs he didn't create.
by Ethereal Spy September 20, 2008
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