Originally a magazine from a niche genre of pr0n from the 80s catering to men with low self-esteem, and/or erectile dysfunction. Now it is applied to any noun (person, place, or thing) embodying a limp, non-assertive, or passive quality. Lacking testosterone, spine, balls.
1. Hey girl, when are you going to dump the Harvey and start dating a real man?
2. I was hanging out with all the Harveys in the Young Republican club until I quit and joined the rubgy team.
3. Man, you're a Cold Fusion programmer? You must be a Harvey.
by Eduard Slaccuchi April 15, 2008
pet name for a male-shaped vibrator
She slipped Harvey up her bonkie.
by Jake August 24, 2005
(1. A person who feels they can/should buy their friends things in order to have friends. (2. A person with no life and uses other people's real life stories to imitate them in their own lives in desperation to draw attention from people they perceive as cooler than themselves.
Jose: "Hey James, Aarak wants us to go see a movie with him. What do you think?"

James: "No way man. I don't want to sit there and hear his new adventures of just stuff we've all done before him. It's like he uses our lives to have one himself. That's not cool, man."

Jose: "Come on man, he's buying dinner too."

James: "No dude. I don't want to hang out with some lame Harvey."
by insearchoftheworldsperfecttaco October 13, 2011
To touch in a sexual way, or to rape someone who is a minor. Also known as a pedophile, creep, or freak.
"Watch out, he might go Harvey on you."
by Mr. Harvey's Lover (CPS) May 10, 2010
code for weed/marijuana
A: hey have u met harvey?
B: sure. how much money do u owe him?
A: oH, just $10.
B: sweet. ill give it to him.

by emo..r4v3r March 03, 2007
A guy who isn't the most attractive. He'll shower you with compliments, be funny, and listen when you need to blow off some steam, but underneath he's the type of guy who leads you on, and then rejects you when you show your true feelings.
Mia: He's so nice!!

Louise: Watch out for him, he's probably a Harvey underneath.
by Annax July 11, 2010
Slang term for Homogenized, or "Homo", milk. Given in reference to famous gay activist Harvey Milk.
1. Hey Joe, pass the Harvey, I'm trying to have some Cheerios over here.
2. I won't ever drink Coke unless it has half Harvey.
by dill_mill March 21, 2009

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