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Harveys is similar to a mcdonalds, where service is given to fat people(s) in the form of fatty, fast food, for a fairly, fair amount of money. This trend usually becomes most popular on a holiday or weekend. However latley hanging out at the nearest "fast food joint" has become cool, so the number of customers has been increasing steadily. (try the angus burger)
Guy 1: yo dawg wanna go get some burgs?
Guy 2: ya mang whurr u wanna go?
Guy 1: lets hit up that mcyd's
Guy 2: fux that i get mad shits after eatin' there
Guy 1: aight fine lets go to harveys
Guy 2: seen
by HarveysPimp April 04, 2005
43 34
Although often confused with Mr Turners former place of work, or often the answer for "whats for suppers tonights?", in Depot terminology, harveys can only be the voucher form for anything received into the depot, either on charge or N.V.A. If you order a "Big Arv" for lunch, you prboably went to harveys, but you dont need a harveys, to eat it
Guy, do me ups an Harveys for these suture. On anoder note, order me some Harveys for dejeuner!
by Jean Luc Peppe December 06, 2004
9 27
One who drives to intimidate or scare
Don't ride with him because he's a major Harvey.
by bornman May 06, 2011
22 42
A person who tends to attract large members of the opposite sex often resulting in 'chubby love'.

Also compensates for his smaller 'members' behind continous jokes
Harvey: "I just pulled a fatty..Tonkage!"

Harvey: "Erm...whats with the weather today?"
by DJ Mohammed May 20, 2010
43 70
coming from the ancient hebrew word "Heradi" which means to be significant and is of Nephilemic decent. Its decendants was said to have disappeared after Noah's Flood but has mysteriously reappeared at Bacolod City, Philippines. When used as a pronoun it is refering to the person who is more Handsome.
Well its not just your money i'd rather be with the Harvey.
by Elmer Mahiling April 23, 2006
42 77
To touch in a sexual way, or to rape someone who is a minor. Also known as a pedophile, creep, or freak.
"Watch out, he might go Harvey on you."
by Mr. Harvey's Lover (CPS) May 10, 2010
28 64
(1. A person who feels they can/should buy their friends things in order to have friends. (2. A person with no life and uses other people's real life stories to imitate them in their own lives in desperation to draw attention from people they perceive as cooler than themselves.
Jose: "Hey James, Aarak wants us to go see a movie with him. What do you think?"

James: "No way man. I don't want to sit there and hear his new adventures of just stuff we've all done before him. It's like he uses our lives to have one himself. That's not cool, man."

Jose: "Come on man, he's buying dinner too."

James: "No dude. I don't want to hang out with some lame Harvey."
by insearchoftheworldsperfecttaco October 13, 2011
13 51