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1. Film starring Elvis Presley released in 1965, in which the popular singer travels to the Middle-East and is forced to assassinate people. Generally considered to be one of the entertainer's weaker movies.

2. Anarchic and mythological war of the sexes as depicted in Daniel Clowes' graphic novel, 'Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron'. In the book members of the female sex, led by the charismatic naturist Godfrey, rise up and begin using terrorist acts to subvert male authority. Eventually they storm the White House and hold the president ransom. While not the main focus of the comic it is nonetheless quite a spooky sub-plot.
1. Did you ever see Harum Scarum? Even as an Elvis fan I was slightly disappointed.

2. Harum Scarum man! The war of the sexes! You dig?
by Liquid Sky June 11, 2008
this is when sombodyparticlularly a femaleis very unattractive
boy1:yo did you see that girl who walked by?
boy2:yea she got a bad case of HARUM SCARUM
by dr diss July 08, 2009
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