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A person that has completely freed himself/herself from the limitations of his/her mind. One who has complete control over his/her mindset, allowing them to reach far beyond what most people can into their own mind. These people have an advantage in the world, and in lifeitself, for these are the people who can control anything they wish to control about themselves, and others to a certain extent, via manipulation. They are the so called "dreamers" of the world, the so called "free-minds".
Lies are only lies if you don't believe the lie that you're telling. Make your lie, the truth...believe what you are saying at all times, make the unreal a reality, and give birth to a world, a life, of amazing capabilities.

The harujakian will lead a life of happiness and satisfaction due to his mentality's flexibility.
by Andrew Woodfield September 25, 2005
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