An individual that meets a girl with a steady boyfriend, she breaks up with boyfriend, dates the hartford, the hartford asks said girl to marry him after 2 days of knowing, friends of the hartford find out girl is cheating on him, tell the hartford, the hartford disowns all of his friends for the slam pig cum dumpster slut
Yo, your girls cheating on you

No way man she really loves me, were gonna get married

Quit being such a fucking hartford, you met her 2 days ago online
by previousfriend April 29, 2008
Hartford is the capital city of Connecticut and is home to about 121,500 people. Hartford is located in north central Connecticut and is halfway between New Haven, CT and Springfield, MA. Hartford is a city that hit hard times like almost every other city in the country due to sprawl, the automobile and the interstate.
Hartford is turning around though and currently there are more then 2 billion dollars worth of redevelopment projects underway citywide including the addition of 1,000+ residential units to the central business district. These projects include a new convention & hotel, science center, the conversion of adabdoned buildings into condos & apartments, the construction of a 36 story apartment tower and the conversion of a former department store into a community college.
Hartford has always been a city that has been a center of busines. The city has been called the insurance capital of the world and to this day the city has a strong insurance company presence as companies continue to sign new leases in the city.
Lastly Hartford is rich in history and culture and is home to the Old State House (one of the oldest in the country), the Mark Twain House & Museum, Wadsworth Atheneum (oldest public art museum in the country), Harriet Beecher Stowe Center and the Butler McCook House. For the performing arts there is the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, the Hartford Stage, TheaterWorks, the Webster Theater, Dodge Music Center and the Hartford Civic Center. And lastly for education the city is home to Trinity College - a well know liberal arts college, the UCONN School of Law, UCONN School of Business, Capital Community College, the Hartford Seminary, the University of Hartford (on the Hartford/West Hartford line) and the private grades 6-12 Watkinson School.
Hartford is the capital city of Connecticut that has a strong corporate presence, a lot of history & culture, and a growing restaurant/bar/club scene.
by MikeCz September 03, 2006
The capital city of Connecticut. Noted for its museums, downtown, and formerly for the NHL. Contains the highest Latino population North of Miami. Also seen as the link between NYC and Boston concerning illegal activities.Hartford's North End and the South End's Frog Hollow area known for violence. Frog Hollow's Park Street also seems to maintain a steady flow of heroin and crack, for sale on most every corner. This has been known to draw customers form sounding suburbs.
-"Dude, I just got beat for $70 on Park Street in Hartford.

-What did you do dude.

-Hit up the ATM on Washington Street.
by albany January 22, 2007

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