The capital city of Connecticut. Known as "the hartbeat" or "the beat" by it's residents. It's famous for two things, the whalers and insurance companies, however the whalers left and so did a bunch of insurance companies. nowadays it's pretty dangerous after about 6:00 pm and there's a good chance of being mugged.
Hartford calls its self the rising star of the east when really it's crashing pretty bad.

i live just outside hartford and have only been there 10 or 15 times because it's pretty dangerous.
by ct3847 August 05, 2010
Top Definition
Capital city of Connecticut. Abandoned after 5pm when all the insurance company workers take their daily white flight back to Farmington, Glastonbury, and Avon, where they are far less likely to get shot or carjacked. Hartford is a city so sad that it lost its one professional sports team when Whalers hockey left. A city so sad that *I* had to be the first one to define it. If it wasn't for the Wadsworth Atheneum or the insurance companies it wouldn't be on the map.
Me and my UConn friends go to Hartford on Saturday night to bar hop. Make sure you avoid the north end unless you want to get jumped.
by Sauda March 31, 2006
One of the worst places to live in the country.
Friend 1: Wanna go to hartford?
Friend 2: Nah, lets cut ourselves instead.
Friend 1: Great idea!
by Philliam May 21, 2007
^^^actually i defined it like ten times but they never showed it but anyway hartford just happens to be tha realest city in ct where muthaphukkaz get shot everyday hell yea thats my city hartford connecticut a.k.a tha heartbeat or just tha beat
yo letz go to hartford and dont forget to pack tha 9 milli incase theze niggaz wanna act silly
by cashes July 30, 2006
A city that is known mostly as the capital of Connecticut and "the Insurance capital of the world". With companies like Aetna and Travelers having their presence here, I guess that's a valid statement.

But it's also funny. Because this is a city where you are very likely to damage/lose your car, your workplace, apartment, and your life. So yeah, you might need insurance.

Overall it's not a city where you would go shopping with your girlfriend or take your family for dinner.
Dumbass: "Sheeit... some mofukkuh got shot at Hartford yesterday and I was around da corner. I couldn't see it, shee!!"
Me: You're fucking stupid.
by ihatect February 28, 2010
(1) A crass, lewd sexual interaction that borderlines rape. (2) Any sexual act that that leaves the receipent feeling like a victim.
(1) "If you keep up that back talk, I'm going to hartford you so hard you won't walk for a week."

(2) "Bobby hartforded all over her face until she cried"
by Viejo1985 January 07, 2013
An individual so mind fucked that they ask a girl to marry him after meeting her on facebook
Dude, I'm meeting this girl today that I met online
Alright man, make sure you don't pull a fucking Hartford
by dumbfucking kid April 16, 2008
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