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noun. - The act of taking a dump in someone else's shower.
Phil: I hate that kid Nate.

Snake: Yeah, at his party tonight we should give him a Hartford Steam Boiler.

Phil: That's a great idea! He only has one bathroom too.
by Dann Gleeballs September 24, 2009
A warm poo taken outdoors during those harsh Connecticut winters which continues to steam for more than 60 seconds after being dropped. Not to be confused with its much less volatile cousin, The Hartford Steamer, which stops steaming in less than a minute. Also known as the Hartford Boiler or Haaatfud Boilah as the locals say.
One construction worker to another: "Hey Eddie. Did you see that Hartford Steam Boiler Joey dropped in the port-a-jon? He was in there more than 5 minutes ago and that bastard's still steaming"
by Efraim Santiago December 03, 2007

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