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The Harry Potter books in order are:
Harry potter and the photographer's scone;
Harry potter and the chamberpot of secrets;
Harry potter and the pisser afgan;
Harry potter and the Goblet of phlegm;
Harry potter and the order of the penis

I "really" enjoy the harry potsmoker books.
by Carpman August 29, 2003
A dull piece of literature, oddly considered a classic. Flat characters with no real developement. The floor plan for what is now, and what was always intended to be, a franchise of epic proportions. Christians think it's evil.
Only soccer players, kids the ages of 8-14, and people who don't know fine literature read harry Potter.

I think it's great that little Satanist have something to read and learn about or dark lord, satan!
by Luke July 20, 2004