Some one who pulls there pants up as far as they go... usually a male at school they usually do there shirt up to the top button hole make a fake comb over and speaks with a lisp trying to look like a nerd or dork this will usually occurs from a class clown, a attempt to tease some one, some one who’s is try to piss off a (usually a push over a.k.a sup or tempo) teacher or some one trying to entertain there dum buddies for a few seconds
harry high pants e.g
1 hay look i joshsss hahaha i smell
2 idiot-hey misss whatss up. sub teacher- whats your name
Idiot Breden keppie(fake name) misssss sub-RIGHT breden you have an arvo Class-hahahaha sub-*looks around* and knows something up but no what it is
3 hahahah jeeezzzz look at me hhahahah
by Trence May 21, 2008
Top Definition
One who wears their pants really really high.

People often become these once they get old.
"Ha. Look at that harry high pants."
by T&G February 14, 2006
someone who wears their pant really high and in an uncool way.
"look how how shes wearing her pants"



"hahaha geez harry high pants"

by hel9990 February 14, 2007

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