1. A random guy on a stupid war game that you're best guy friend ditches you on the phone for because he finds male interaction over the internet more amusing than actually talking to one of his best friend's who happens to be a girl. Also, this best friend who is a girl is about as close as he will get to having a girlfriend and ditching her for Harry Potter was a very stupid move.

2. A stupid enemy tank on WiiPlay named after the above ditcher's online friend because of the above situation.
Guy Friend: Sorry, I got to go.
Girl Friend: Why? I haven't talked to you since I left for camp!
Guy Friend: Harry Potter really needs my help right now. Sorry.
Girl Friend: ...Gr. Fine. Bye.

Girl 1: Hey, what should we name these tanks?
Girl 2: Benedict Arnold, Retriever, Mutt and...Harry Potter.
Girl 1: Harry Potter?
Girl 2: That's the person on that stupid game I got ditched for.
Girl 1: Okay. I'm gonna kill me some tank ass today!
Girl 2: *BOOM!*
by Skybound 895 January 27, 2009
Harry Potters are glasses worn with no lenses in them.

-These lensless glasses are often made from the classic nerdy style frame or the Ray Ban style frame.

-This term came into existance due to Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter) supposedly wearing lenseless glasses in the Harry Potter movies.

-This style became popular in 2008 with various types of groups such as hip hoppers, scenesters, and hyphy kids.

-These glasses offer no protection from the sun and are merely a fashion trend.
The rims of the glasses are generally bright-colored, cheap plastic.
*At The Pack show*
Tori: Dang, check out those Harry Potters that guy is wearing.
Iris: What a hyphy boss.

The girl wearing the Harry Potters squinted as the sun's rays hit her eyes, regretting ruining her $200 Ray Ban sunglasses.

Photo Examples:



by TORIxSAN September 29, 2008
When a guy is about to cum he yells a spell from harry potter then cums in a lightning bolt on the bitch's forehead
Kevin: Last night I did a harry potter and went gryffindor on her ass.
by the chicken October 16, 2007
To Harry Potter is a verb pertaining Felatio. Getting harry pottered occurs when the man is whering a belt buckled which leaves an imprint on the female's forehead.
I got in trouble with my girlfriend's parents because they saw that she had gotten harry pottered.
by Henhen and Pweezy May 15, 2009
giving anal to a girl with a abundent amount of ass hair
man last night i saw ron harry potter hermoine
by tripp and justin made this November 10, 2007
Slang for a woman's hairy vagina
"Man, she sure does have a Harry Potter!"

"Did you see the Harry Potter on her?"

"Oh gross, I can see her Harry Potter sticking out of her bikini."

"She needs to trim up her Harry Potter."

"I'd like to tap that Harry Potter."

"I love it when a girl goes all Harry Potter down there."

"I'm not into girls with a Harry Potter."
by one_wicked_element August 04, 2009
a person who is extremely hairy who loves to put it in little childrens butts
the harry potter put it in ginny weasleys ass
by thepottman January 02, 2009

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