After a messy anal experience, one pulls out, taps the "receiver" on the shoulder. When he/she turns around, he/she receives a firm and messy cock-tap on the forehead, leaving a brown mark resembling the scar on the fictional wizard's forehead.
A Dirty Sanchez may be exotic, but a Harry Potter is just magical
by El Gromo September 14, 2010
best freakin fantasy character eva!
dont be dissing harry potter
by Pooja Patel June 17, 2004
Make your bitch ride you like a broomstick, punch her in the glasses, then when its all said and done yell IM LORD VOLDERMORT and kill her parents
So i gave my girlfriend the best harry potter last night, she still wont talk to me!
by EROCK EMONEY January 25, 2010
A sexual position involving a grappling hook, a pineapple, a traffic cone, and a glow stick. After that point, use your imagination.
Harry Potter? Hell yea!
by fdfjdflkajdsf July 10, 2008
A sexual move where a man comes on the woman's forehead in the shape of a lightening bolt, symbolizing that which is on the forehead of the popular character Harry Potter
Joe: "Dude, i gave her a MEAN Harry Potter last night, check out this pic of that lightening bolt!"
by XSVFTW April 02, 2009
another word for a penis
His harry potter didn't even get that big!

He whipped out his harry potter

Daniel Radcliffe showed his harry potter in Equus

Harry played with his harry potter
by Celliquanise October 09, 2007
Harry Potter is a best-selling book series by critically acclaimed author J.K Rowling. Though many view the Harry Potter series as a "children's series", it goes for all ages.
450 million Harry Potter books have been sold worldwide.
by Banana Phancakes April 18, 2016
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