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an extremely over rated book that is hundreds of pages that no one would want to entirely go through.
Snape kills Dumbledore on page 596
by harrypotter sucks August 11, 2005
a pervert.
god that harry potter is such a pervert, he felt ginny up!
by ginny weasley September 23, 2003
An inbetween book. It's not too good, not too bad. People who think they're so called 'cool' don't read it because of that. Get a life dudez.
by soooo July 24, 2003
Harry Potter smoked The Philosophers Cone
HARRY:" O man i am so high right now i don't know where i am"
by wane kerr July 23, 2003
A semi-entertaining though higly unoriginal book series about some kid with issues facing off dry and predictable villains. It's fun to look up the names of the characters, though. Harry Potter is a fair introduction to fantasy novels, though. Later, you can climb up to Lord of the Rings, Discworld, or Cthulhu Mythos. Especially Discworld. Phrases like "Harry Potter is teh gehy" and "HARRY POTTER IS THE BESTEST THING EVAR!!!!!" are both nonsensical.
Harry Potter isn't completely horrible. It just has crappy characters and plots. And it's unoriginal. Yeah.
by Some Guy November 15, 2003
Lord of the Rings for kiddies and people with tiny attention spans who cannot stand to take the time to read and understand true works of literature. An inferior series about the escapades of the main character, Harry Potter, who bears a lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead where his brain was extracted.
And in the news today, lynchings and riots have been reported across the nation as Harry Potter fanboys mobbed nearly every bookstore they could find, trying desperately to get a copy of the newest installment of the Harry Potter book series, entitled "Harry Potter and the House of Ho's".
by Stryker July 31, 2003
Weird creation of an infertile Ginger English lady for children who like picking the wings off flies.
"Harry Potter decays young minds. Period."
by RENEGATUS DOT COM October 20, 2003