Harry Potter, a boy with a lightening shaped scar on his head.....people get obsessed with the books like...
leona deacon bought the book midnight on friday 20th of june 2003 and finished it by the morning of sat 21st of june 2003......MUPPET
by Soapy(calgon) June 21, 2003
Lil' emo boy with a magic stick,which he waves around and says "Crucio!" alot.
This poor lil' emo boy,his parents are dead,his shmexy God Father Sirius is dead and to make things worse his best friend is a ginger.
By now you think he'd be a junkie with a bad crack habit but,curiously,he is still a straight lil emo boy who is yet to get laid.
Honestly Harry,do you want me to force feed you the viagra?
In conclusion,Harry Potter is a poor lil emo boy with an awful haircut and homosexual yearnings. The End.
~In cinema~
"Oh My God....mullet ville!"

Harry Potter is teh ghey,yo.
by bandanasarerad November 20, 2006
A stoned fag who loves to play with his magic wand and can't get enough of the magical weed.
Harry Potter is considered incredibly homo-erotic by my friend Shannon.
by Dave-O January 11, 2004
a crack pot kid that thinks he's a wizard
he's a harry potter
by Blah September 17, 2003
over-rated series of books about kids who do magic and battle bad guys.

They are incredibly popular and are often compared with Lord of The Rings

Anyone who even attempts to bag harry potter is immediately labeled an illiterate moron
'Today i read harry potter'
'I don't like harry potter'
'actually i've read them a few times, they're 'just not that good...calm down, man, calm down
by el January 07, 2005
A series of books that is a rip off of a lot of other books. has been sued for copyright infrigements 2 or 3 times. Pretty corny and crap anyway.
the harry potter movies were quite craptacular!
by honky mcgee December 10, 2003
an extremely over rated book that is hundreds of pages that no one would want to entirely go through.
Snape kills Dumbledore on page 596
by harrypotter sucks August 11, 2005

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