A bestselling fantasy book and film series written by English author J.K. Rowling.

Originally intended to be a children's book series. However, the intelligent and whimsical world of a boy who's miserable life suddenly transforms around him into an epic journey through a fantastic world of wizards, witches and mystical creatures, where every aspect (regardless of how small) is magical,
has attained the incredibly rare achievement of accessibility to readers of any age.

The central story follows Harry Potter as he attends the wizarding school Hogwarts, located outside of Hogsmeade, Scotland.
The stories revolve around Harry's interaction and exploration of a world parallel to our own, filled with magical foods, vehicles, monsters and sports.
The story's primary challenge and danger, lies in the return of a powerful, old enemy who had destroyed Harry's immediate family. Leaving him marked by a scar on his forehead.

Each of the seven books in the series represents a single "year" at Hogwarts. Each containing an episodic challenge that is to be overcome, whilst maintaining a coherent plot which encompasses the entirety of the series. Every book also features the three main protagonists coping with the gradual changes of puberty and social responsibility, as their eyes are opened to the, often times, harsh world around them.
Every book also reveals more about the world itself, including traditions, other schools and life outside of school.
Pivotal are his relationships with these two friends: Hermione Granger (A know it all bookworm) and Ronald Weasley (Harry's earnest, faithful best friend)
Like most of the characters in the series, both Ron and Hermione gradually evolve past these initial stereotypes into rich characters and change drastically as they become adults.

All an all, a very enjoyable book series that becomes increasingly darker and deeper as one progresses through the series.
Very rarely does an author create a world that is really cool AND that the reader would actually want to live in and be part of.
Harry Potter is a very fun and enjoyable series. Don't be quick to judge, as you may miss something truly great.
by FlowersInMidgar October 24, 2006
A series of books that often get compared to Lord of The Rings or Lemony Snicket's, Series of Unfortunate Events but really are nothing like the two.

Many people love to critisize the books even if they have never attempted to read them before.
Kid 1: Wow Harry Potter is so fucking stupid! Lord of The Rings is so much better!
Kid 2: Have you ever read any of the books?
Kid 1: No.
by pezrpeople2 May 15, 2005

Harry potter- The son of the late Lily and James potter who sacrificed themselves for thier son. He currently lives with his Uncle and Aunt who hate the majick world, he is the only one who ever lived through the avada kedavra (sorry if mispelled) curse. His godfather was sirius black but sadly he dies. At the end of the greatest series of books in the world on Harry or Voldemort has to die... (hope voldie dies!!)
The boy who lived through the avada kedavra curse
by Laurren March 24, 2005
A dishonest boy from a popular series of novels written by J.K. Rowling that claims he can do magic, ride a flying broomstick, and even vanquish the almighty Lord Voldemort, but really, always has the help of his more talented friends, including the aged gay man named Dumbledore, the dimwitted retard named Ron, and the sexy & smart girl named Hermione. Harry Potter secretly plans to kill Voldemort because he is his only competitor, then he plans to take over the Ministry of Magic and recruit more villains. Overtaking the government and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is his main goal.
Ron was homosexual, and in love with his best friend, Harry Potter.
by potterfreak18 November 19, 2007
a highly overrated book about kid who realises he is a wizard and goes off to a boarding school called Hogwarts.He has two best friends called Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.He also has an owl called Hedwig. i've read 5 of the books and honestly don't see what all the fuss is about.
'oMgZZZZ the new HArry P0tter b00k c0mes 0ut s00n,i'm g0nna wait in the rain 0vernight s0 that i can get the first c0py LOL!!!1!!!!1one!!1!1!111!'
'why not just go tomorrow,it's still gonna be on sale..'
'STFU!!11!1!!I l0ve HArry POtter!!1!1!1!!one11!'
me:*bangs head against table*
by laylaMUFFIN September 03, 2007
some idiot who thinks he's got special magic powers an goes off trying to find the guy who killed his parents and half the wizard population because he thinks that he is some how stronger than him just cause his name is harry potter.
hi there! my names harry potter and because I have a cut on my head I can kill the most powerful dark wizard ever!
by .:D-J:. April 29, 2007
v. transitive, to stab another in the dick with a broom
Ron's unwelcome advances (and his outrageous priapism) were deflated with a decisive Harry Potter when Hermione finally lost her patience.
by SmoovB April 11, 2007

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