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(n.) A person (usually a complete nub, or Nubby Nubberton ) who is deeply inspired by the Harry Potter Series , thus they (falsely) depict themselves as fantasy-fiction-writing geniuses.

The result of this is a Harry Potter Jotter , one who will constantly publish outlandish stories and fanfiction s on , and (falsely) expect to get thousands of readers .
Dave: 'Hey man , did you see Alvin at school today??'

Mike: 'Yeah dude, what a nub. He kept blabbing on about his new fanfic: 'Harry Potter and the Enchanted Owl', though he didn't even get any views on it.'

Dave: 'Wow, he's definitely a Harry Potter Jotter.'

Mike: 'Tell me about it.'
by mangalover997 September 04, 2010
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