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a word meaning both horrible and ferocious. usually used to describe a craving or something terrible which has happened.
dude 1: far out i need a burrito harrociously
dude 2: oath. cool night.

dude 2.1: my cat got run over
girl 1: shitt thats harrocious man
by wolfbikerD February 28, 2010
Used by people stupid who can't say 'Atrocious' It means the same but it just shows how retarded they are when they use it.
Iona: OMG! that was harrocious!
Caroline: WTF! harrocious isn't even a word you idiot!
Iona: Yes it is it means bad or rubbish.
Caroline: Shut up Iona, you mean Atrocious. You are a retard.
by CazBaz May 17, 2011
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