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A division split up between the rich kids and the poor kids.
One word sums this hell hole up: Sluts n' Hoes. Come here if you like cheap pot and cheap women. Teen pregnancy is 30% of the population there. Note: preps WILL be stomped on.unless you play football. then you are basically glorified, and all the hoes n' sluts want you. freshman guys: good luck getting girls, cause they wont look at you if you dont have a car, which you dont unless you failed like half the people in your grade. Have fun. and if you are white, make sure you are wigger or skater, unless your a prep who plays football. then you might be ok.
hi, im john i just moved here. do you like my khakis from Abercrombie?
guy: do you play football(yo)
John: no
by dan November 16, 2004
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