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(1.) A community college in Palatine, Illinois, named for William Rainey Harper - b. July 26, 1856 d. January 10, 1906 - first president of the University of Chicago. Founded 1971.
(1.) Harper College is located in Palatine, Illinois.
by the specter August 11, 2007
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Crappy community college in Palatine, Illinois. Where most of the kids at Palatine High School end up going if they aren't rich or get good grades or are good at sports, let alone even go to college at all.
Also known as 'Harper High' because it's basically jsut an extension of high school. You're with about half of the same people you went to high school with, and it's set up much the same.
Good for getting whatever degree in whatever major you've selected, but don't expect anyone to make a big deal out of it. It's basically the bare minimum college education.
Harper College-
'What are you doing after graduation?'
'Cool, me too. And, like, the other 20 people i've asked in the last hour.'
by los loco gringo September 01, 2008
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