Old 89-yr old dumb cunt who predicted that the world was gonna end May 21st of 2011, who had gay ass followers who suck his old ancient cock and swallowed their disappointment of the world not ending
Wow that dick thinks the world gonna end he such a Harold Camping
by Antwonfriedchicknikwa May 24, 2011
President of Family Radio, and host of his show "Open Forum." He is notorious for his frequent predictions of the rapture, that so far have not been fulfilled. His most recent prediction was in 2011, where he promised that 200 million believers would be taken to heaven, while the rest of the world's population would be left on earth to witness the end of the world. He had predicted that earthquakes would begin at 6 PM on Christmas island and would continue until the end of the world on October 21, 2011, where the world would be completely destroyed by a ball of fire. When the rapture failed to occur on the said day, he "moved" the date of the rapture to October 21, saying that the previous date had been a "spiritual" rapture, and that the real rapture would occur on October 21, 2011, complete with the simotaneous destruction of the world. Unfortunatly, his previous failed prediction will likely ruin his credibility. He had previously predicted the rapture to occur early in 1994.
Harold Camping doesn't know what he's talking about, and neither do the entire 5 people who make up his following.
by dantherocker1 June 02, 2011
Infamous con man who obtained 100m in assets from scamming anyone foolish enough to believe him by claiming the rapture was near.
Harold Camping: The world is going to end tomorrow on May 21st.

Guy: Just like you said it was gonna end in 1994?

Harold Camping: No, that was a miscalculation.

The next day...

Guy: What do you have to say now?

Harold Camping: It was a spiritual awakeness rapture the real one is in October.

Guy: You slimy bastard.
by gooblyooglydie June 02, 2011
1. A false prophet who predicted that the Rapture would occur on May 21, 2011. 2. Someone who believes numerology can be used in mathematical proofs.
1. Harold Camping falsely predicted the date of the Rapture several other times, prior to the May 11th instance. 1994 is the most frequently cited example, but there are others. 2. Harold Camping's "evidence" consisted of two numerological ramblings, which he called mathematical demonstrations.
by Asorbus May 24, 2011
Some nitshit who fucks with his bible at night.
He predicted that we would all suddenly die on the 21st may 2011 by spouting soime mathical mumbo-jumbo
Harold Camping: We will all die because God is bored.
Harold Camping is when you are going camping, have everything planned and purchased, and your car gassed up. Only, you never actually go.
My parents told me we were going camping and I was so pumped. Too bad what they really meant was "Harold Camping!" We just sat in the car for a while and then went back inside. Lame!
by Dr. Ewnaj May 24, 2011
To claim something is going to happen, then when it doesn't happen, just change the date and watch it not happen again. Named after the radio preacher who predicted the world would end on May 21, 2011 only to change it to October 21 later. Naturally nothing happened either time.
Guy 1: Okay I know I was wrong about zombies rising from their graves last night, so I went back to the rock where I first saw the prediction and realized it said May 16 not Mar. 16.

Guy 2: Dude just stop it. Do you know how badly you're Harold Camping right now?
by Gaaraofthedamned December 28, 2011
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