A Haro is a guy like no other. He's the kind of guy to keep a girl happy, forever. Girls will always talk about him, always be on girls mind. He's cute and a good kisser. Usually found in California (Olivehurst) he's amazing at soccer.
His last name is Haro
by Thecoolone November 26, 2013
the shittyest bike company on earth, worse than murry, huffy, mongoose, or even schwinn
all man, thats a haro
by casey the great July 07, 2003
a fairly good bike company, except for the fact that the zippo and the revo design on and off every other year
by JeVoNeR September 14, 2003
an anoying ball shaped robot that repeats everything it says
Haro, Haro
Fucus, Focus
Sucks to be you, Sucks to be you
by C.D.Z. March 10, 2011
the worst bmx company ever
a shitty bike company in general with the best bike riders
damn that haro you got 3 weeks ago for 750 is already breaking!
by streetisbest July 07, 2003
A girl with a large, embarassing sexual history.
That girl's a haro - everyone's had a ride.
by Grablow April 30, 2005
haro is a bike company like all bike companies, they make good bikes and they make etry level bikes. their top of the line bmx bikes, the monocoque and the sx-pro are good examples of high quality bmx frames. their downfall is the realization that there is more money to be made in the 200-400 dollar range for selling both racing and street-type bikes.
you will see mane junior riders on haro, they are inexpensive and well built.
by mikokatsun October 06, 2005
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