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A truly amazing girl that any guy would be lucky to have. Cute, funny, and has a great sense of humor. Can sometimes be a bad influence.

Also, loves how you smell.
I met this awesome girl, her name's Harlie!
by sirmisterperson August 21, 2011
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an all around fun person to be around, she loves to flirt but she has her limits. people love to call her a whore cause of the flirting even if her friends are more of ones than her. she just lets everyone run over her she is just to trusting to see it. she loves to hang with her friends and her boyfriend...when she has one. but she is an all around good person.
Harlie is outgoing
by chick1974 June 22, 2010
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A whore. A female capable of frequently having casual sexual relations with different partners and is completely undiscriminative in the choice of sexual partners, hence being appreciated by everyone she knows. Also known as a sex saint. Everyones had a ride.
She's the hottest fucking harlie I know.
by Lil miss fatty cakes September 07, 2007
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male slut/whore, loves tuckin it, self absorbed, looks like a seventies porn star, no upper lip, small dick, LOVES the cock, usually found with a woman who looks like a raisin and was once a man, has huge t-bags, thinks everybody loves him but everybody HATES him, spawn of satan, can be found with a hookers name tattooed on his arm, nickname "hardly," makes a hobby out of tripping over wheelbarrels, and thinks he's tough in his own mind.
He is such a Harlie.
I wouldn't want a Harlie as my father.
by SLH, CMH, KKH February 13, 2010
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