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Harford Tech is a technical high school in harford county. So many people think that we are all losers because we go to a tech school but i guaruntee that pretty much anyone who comes out of this high school has so much more knowledge than any of the idiots that come from the other schools around the county. At least when we graduate, we can get a job at somewhere really good rather than making minimum wage saying "do you want fries with that?" Yes most of our sports teams suck but who cares we have more important things to accomplish than becoming a school full of dumb jocks. We do have an awsome wrestling team which actually won states last year which was fantastic. As with any school, we have all of the different "social" groups but many of us mingle and we rarly have a fight. When a fight does break out the entire school finds out within an hour and at least 10 people have the fight on video on their cell phone. At any given moment, you can find at least 15 seniors randomly roaming the halls and nobody even says anything. You can seriously walk right out the front door in the middle of the day past one of the administrators and they will say goodbye to you! As with any high school, its a school it pretty much sucks all the time until you get to about april of your senior year when you realize that you freaking love this school and your glad you stuck with it and didnt go back to your home school.
WOOHOO Harford Tech Class of 2007!
by cnd '07 January 26, 2007
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