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Only Harford. Thats something that Harford would do. Thats like Harford.
by Chuck M July 12, 2003
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The best county in the USA's state of Maryland. In Harford, one not only finds a flourishing minority population (niggers, kikes, spics...) one will find the all too common White supremist Nazi sympathizer. These Nazis are known for atrocities such as the "I hate niggers and Jews" bonfire of 2004. In 1967 these same Nazis burned 5 massive crosses at a local Jewish business owner's home in Forest Hill, a nice part of Harford. White supremists are currently struggling to battle the formidable national gang, "the Bloods" which have moved in on the northern end of the county. Hopefully the White Supremists and the Niggers will all kill each other leaving the small but prosperous Jewish population alone. At that point the county will be excellent. Hail Hitler! Kill them F***ing white bastards. Lets go whine a little at synagogue!
WS: Those niggers killed my cousin!
Nig: You killed my bro!
Jew: I don't like manual labor!
by Jon Weingart April 22, 2005
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