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The moment a female feels compelled to push herself beyond what she is normally capable of doing or willing to do for a male in order to protect her position in his life from other females, or by securing a higher relationship status with him.
When multiple single females notice the advances of (at least 2) other females upon a male friend, a competition among the females for the male's attention/affection may erupt, and the male, sometimes unwittingly, gains a Harem.
A situation that occurs in which a male is inadvertently surrounded by 3 or more female friends that suddenly begin fighting for/over his attention/affection.

The instance wherein a female realises she must compete with other females in order to obtain the role of being the most important female in a male's life.

When a single female that is friends with or interested in a single male notices that he has begun attracting the attention of other females, she becomes defensive/assertive and feels forced to act in order to keep from losing her significance in his life, or his significance in her life.
See: Twat Block, Alpha Female

see also: Reverse Harem, Reverse Harem Effect
by oblivianji November 19, 2012

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