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A young boy (8-12) who acts as a servant within a very sexual Muslim Harem to a multitude of wives all belonging to a dominate Sultan-like male figure.

Typically there is only one Harem Boy to a Harem, making him the only permanent male resident within the Harem.

Duties include, among other things: bed making, applying makeup, and semen clean-up.
Jarheimaveer: "I spent four years of my life as a Harem Boy, during which time I probably cleaned up 5000 full ball-loads of sperm."

Sultan: "You, Harem Boy, get over here and slap my ass while I fuck this bitch hard who happens to be my wife. Then, when I'm done, change the sheets after picking off the extra jizz with your bare hands"
by Jason Christ July 06, 2012
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