a african boy who is called mr cool hardman and who calls people puko. There is no one i repeat no one cooler than him. if u want to mucka come to me and he will kick ur sorry lookign ass.
you know stop acting like hardy
i wanna be a hardy
by the one March 30, 2005
someone who thinks they are a badass
Xavier always thinks he is such a hardy.
by Elisa V. June 21, 2006
Hardy, the alternative word for a loser.
That chump is such a hardy, he laughs like an absolute fairy...
by CHODE..... October 28, 2008
Word Used In a Derogatory Context. When One Is Being A Pain In The Ass, Bitchy, Annoying, Pussy, Spoiled, Cocky Or Simply Being A Fag They Are To Be Called What They Are...Hardy!
Exams Are So Fucking Hardy! Especially When You Have To Sit Beside That Little Spoiled Brace Face Hardy Piece Of Shit! Fuck That Kid Is So Hardy That He Could Be The Origin Of This Word!
by Brendan Collins June 18, 2007

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