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Hardy is the skilled one. he will snap you if you make him angry.
he is a tough little shit who can get away with anything.
hardy terrorises the opposition in the game of rugby and is evil.
Satan himself fears this boy.
can't be knocked down, the last person to try still hasn't woken up.
hardy has the world's largest penis.
shit your as tough as Hardy

Q.will you fight hardy?
A.fuck no
by Hardy February 28, 2005
its either someone or something hardcore or something is hardy as in funny

"dude that was so hardy, that guy is insane"

" dude thats so hardy"(as in laughing hardy har har)
by Lou LouLouBoo November 27, 2007
Normally a stoner of some sort, often not in class for some reason or another.
Yeah, i bet that hardy over there is smokin on that dank shit.
by Billy Joe February 26, 2005
When someone says something wrong you inform them by saying hardies and correcting them, sometimes followed by a pound and slap to the wrong person
Justin- "Yo! Chamillionaire is better than Jay Z"
George- "Hardies, Chamillionaire is garbage"
by Keepinitfunky May 21, 2010
(also known as "Carles Junior's") the place where we hang, my small crew that keeps breaking up because were so lame.-a food place on 24th & Centeral in Billings MT (much lov to all my buds) before getting food anywhere, always drive around once and look in to see what kind of people work there. if they stare back or look like they suck, don't eat there cause something will be wrong w/ your food.
the place where they take forever to get your food ready but, it tasts better than micky d's
by OnyxO September 04, 2004
Friend. Plural version is Hardies (Friends).
Avast me hardies, yo ho! Whats up me hardy?
by Mike 1984 August 01, 2008
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