A shaved vaginal area. One who likes to have brazilian wax jobs.
Does the carpet match the drapes?
No, I dont have carpet. I have hardwood floors.
by Bootsie31 July 15, 2005
Top Definition
A clean shaved pussy
Is she a natural blonde? I don't know,she had hardwood floors.
by Stbm January 04, 2003
When a woman who has totally removed all her pubic hair. No more "carpet", so it must be hardwood floors.
I hate it when chicks have a big bush, I prefer either a landing strip or hardwood floors. Either way, she has to shave the thing.
by Anonymous December 20, 2002
When a girl shaves her pubic area
"Hey, I was sitting next to Samaira in class. She let me put my hand down her pants, and she has hardwood floors!"
by anonymous198765 May 04, 2010
What I've got going on down there
I've got a hrd wood floor in my pants.
by Tracey September 17, 2003
Another term for the male penis (erect), particularly when contrasted with the term "carpet" or "tile floors"(referring to the female genitalia).
"I prefer hardwood floors to carpet!"(meaning the speaker prefers men instead of women)
by Angel-eek January 13, 2009
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