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(1)to be hardcore with attributes of an old schooler.
(2)to be gnarly as hell on a banana board/riding sheer ice/brutal choppy wake.
(3)Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Shaun Palmer, JP Walker are all pretty fucking hardschool
It's like watching the kids who acted in "lords of dogtown"...they are doing old school tricks but doing them pretty fuckng hard core. Thus the name hardschool. learn it, live it, love it.
ex. "Man that dude is rippin it fuckin hardschool"
by edvedder September 13, 2006
something that is both hardcore and old-school at the same time
Dude, that new Against ME! CD is so hard-school.
by JT Dollar Sign November 08, 2003
When something is both hardcore and old-school simultaneously
The new Against Me! album is so hard-school, man.
by JT Dollar Sign November 07, 2003
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