Coined by at least by the Honda-Tech mob describing cars that have all the "race"/track mods known to man and beast only to be parked up or never raced.
Benen tow hooks, lowered some much you scrape EVERYTHING, therefore things that are race used but all the car does is "hard parking"
by mr_ben April 03, 2007
Top Definition
The act of owning a Japanese car riddled with roll cages/high-end race suspension/expensive forged wheels, and never taking it to the track. These people frequent places like appearance/cosmetic forum, and can often be found arguing about rotas and other parts that they don't do shit with anyway.
Ayo, look mang, he got the 36 way adjustable coilovers, hes mad hardparking dawg.
by zomg . a d a m August 16, 2006
Parking very hard to show off.
IE: Show cars, showing off at car meets, taking pictures while parked.
Stop hard parking your car, take it out to the tracks.
by nrgonline October 30, 2005
When a group of people join a bandwagon on a forum and attempt to define a group of people they aren't affiliated with as "bad" or "losers". Commonly used as an ego-booster or flame material on HT forums by immature people with inferior genetic packages.

"That CRX is hardparking for realz" Grog!
by Dramier August 16, 2006
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