Some who is vegan and straight edge
Jim is hard line
by XveganX May 19, 2009
a 90's band that sounds like it came from the 80's. Pretty solid, had the lead guitarist from Journey for a time and the lead singer went on to work with crush 40
Hardline is a pretty Bitchin Band
by hadomaru January 14, 2010
At first, it was a noon to two show on the little Ticket. It has morphed into the powerhouse afternoon drive time show on the most listened to station in all the Southwest and America's favorite radio station. The hosts, Mike Rhyner and Greg "The Hammer" Williams (does anyone know where Greggo is?) deliver four hours of sports and all that implies for the P1's, P2's and even the marginal P3's, often givings prizes to the girl with the biggest boobs. Their name is derived from the Terrence Trent Darby record "The Hardline According to Terrence Trent Darby". Rhyner, who is not dead, is also known as The Old Grey Wolf and Hollywood, made his name in Dallas radio as the sports guy at the Zoo. He once denied a young Stevie Ray Vaughn a place in his band because Stevie only knew blues. Greggo, who has been known to take long leaves of abscence recently, is from the crank capitol of the world, Boyd, TX. He began really at WBAP in Dallas as a weekend host and fill-in during weeks for Randy Galloway, aka Grandpa Urine. When the Hardline began working afternoon drive for The Ticket, their main competitor was Grandpa Urine. But as his listeners died off and he spent more time in Grand Prairie, he basically faded away. Today, their main advisary is The Afternoon Cloud, Dan Paul Balis. Along for the ride is Corby "Cobra" Davidson, who brings us E News, The Snakepit, College Football Blowhard, The Over Cusser, etc.
The Hardline kicked arse today, despite the best efforts of Grandpa Urine.
by Marcus B. October 29, 2007
a boner, most likely brought upon by a homosexual or homoerotic fantasy
Guy 1: Dude, i got a hardline

Guy 2: your such a fag, now let go of my dick
by The Champ Feat. Kid Gourgous August 11, 2006
an attitude pertaning to the straight edge lifestyle that is whack. it often involves forcing beliefs onto others!
awww comon bro, dont be fakin on me, you is turnin hardline.
by bwhaha July 23, 2003
an offset of straight edge, where the followers are more adamant about their lifestyle and adopt other principals, such as veganism.
... i am bad with examples.
by jeannie December 28, 2003
Anti-vivisection, pro-life, anti-promiscous, vegan activistists who listen to hardcore music.
Hardliners are fuckin' smart.
by Anonymous 7 September 05, 2003

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