There was a time when hardcore was more than music, it was a movement. Anyone, regardless of how well they could play an instrument could express themselves musically in ways too agressive, too brutal and in most circumstances too honest for even edgy mainstream music. It was a time when bands were willing to push the envelope while breaking all the rules, and didn't let the fact that they had to do it all by themselves stop them. True hardcore is an unstopable messege, totally seperate from the countless trends (from Bleached hair to Girl Jeans) that have come and gone. It's going to a show with 9 kids or 1000 kids who are perfect strangers or your best friends, and knowing that everyone in the room with a soul is compelled with the same unmatched intensity, to "think how they want to think", to "do what they know is right" to "be what they want to be" and never let anyone even think they can stop them.

I think over the years we've all gotten spoiled to the point where we don't care about much more than what we have, how many "babes we can slay" (if you're a dude) and above all else, our social status. People get so caught up in that shit that they can't undertand the value of something that doesn't provide any material benefit or make them appear special in whatever way, yet it has the capacity to empower every kid to live life to the fullest, be his/herself and have a shit-ton of fun in the process.
I think it's unfortunate that people these days pick out all the trappings of hardcore, the fashion trends, the image (there are tons of images) and limit hardcore to just that, since it suits their superficial way that they approach the world. It makes about as much sense as taking the pickles off of a big mac and calling them hamburgers (i mean if you really like pickles.) I hope this definition helps people reexamine the way they think about hardcore, and spread the word to people who don't know any better.
Raechel Hutto is Pretty damn Hardcore
#hxc #hardcore #straight edge #scene #raechel
by Matt Moore June 25, 2006
A genre of music that is a blend of punk and metal. There is none of that emo crap in it. The problem is a lot of emo pussies like hardcore music. For all you emo pussies you aren't hardcore, you should listen to Death By Stereo's Emo Holocaust. Also for you emo pussies a lot of harcore is streight edge so that means no cutting you fuckin fagets.
San Francisco, LA, Massachusetts, and Germany have a lot of kick ass hardcore bands.
#hxc #sxe #emos are pussies #good music #mosh
by big doug May 01, 2007
However people seem to say that Hardcore is a form of grunge music, or 'movement'. Hardcore is actually a genre of dance music, that containes no element or 'punk/most/greebo' genre, but is simply electronica music, with faster beats. Quite large throughout the UK and Europe, it is played commonly at raves (A gathering of about 1000 sweaty people in an arena from 8pm till 6am, all completely mashed on either ectasy, base or cocaine (maybe even all of them).

Famous hardcore DJ's are DJ Hixxy, Scott Brown, Darren Styles, DJ Sy, Dougal & Gammer

Hardcore is not too be confused with Happy Hardcore which has sadly made an sort of epidemic around almost all chavs in the UK which contains a vast majority of chavvy scottish teenagers calibrating songs with bad beats, timing. And all of them using the same music sample on there MusicMaker. Examples of these twats are 'DJ'Cammy, 'DJ'Rankin, 'Gav Fuckin Bee' 'DJ' Carlee...and almost every other scottish teenage chav.
"Trance is shit mate, put some decent hardcore on."
"Wheres my clubland extreme hardcore CD."
"This DJ Cammy shit aint fucking hardcore."
"DJ Hixxy is by far the best hardcore DJ around."
#hardcore #htid #rave #hardcore till i die #hixxy #styles #scott brown #raver
by megan ward April 10, 2007
Aight guys
This is how to be hardcore

Girls,wear your hair more to one side than the other,and dye it some other color in a random place

Guys just have it in your face. It doesnt matter how you do it

Get a myspace/facebook and say hardcore stuff on it like:
"Im not trying to please you,go away"

Wear glasses even if you dont need them.

Be random. Random=hardcore

BE DIFFERENT. Even though you dress and act like every other typical teenager,you ARE different because you like rainbows.

Girls,be bi.
Guys,be bi curious.

Get odd piercings and tattoos. (or say you're going to,that's also hardcore)

Put periods at the end of everything you say.

Get a bf/gf and after two weeks say you're in love them

Starve yourself when you're depressed. (Okay you can have that granola bar real quick,just dont let anyone see it)

"Accidentally on purpose" roll up your sweatshirt sleeves to reveal the cut on your arm,then roll it down real fast,but make sure people see it!

Flip your hair out of your face even when it's not in your face.

Blog that you're so misunderstood and you want to run away.

Wear skinny jeans. Colored ones are a plus

Girls,when you're taking a picture,you need to hold the camera up and hold one side of your head
Guys take pictures where your hair's sweepish and you're smiling (do not show your teeth!)

Wear Vans and Converse.


be afraid for our generation. BE VERY AFRAID.
I wear VANS and like rainbows. Me=hardcore
#hardcore #emo #scene #cool #it
by Is Hardcore. June 12, 2010
an amazing type of punk music, like the misfits. unfortunately chavs have come to believe that hardcore is CRAP STUFF LIKE 50 CENT!
chav: what ya listening to ya f**king mosha?
cool person like punk or emo: hardcore
chav:oooooooh u iz chav cos u iz liking hardcore innit
cool person: umm, its a type of punk
chav: what ya on mosha? its blingin stuff like 50cent innit
cool person: no, im listening to misfits, HARDCORE!
chav: *runs away in fear*
#hardcore #chavs #misfits #punk #emo
by revive-real-punk May 31, 2007
This is a genre of music that spun off from punk in the early 80's. It is typically just fast punk music with a "hardcore beat." The other hardcore which could be referred to as "Modern Hardcore," is unrelated to the original hardcore music. "Modern Hardcore" involves metal screaming/vocals, double bass and technical guitar (NOTE* Slayer was the first band to really use double bass), is basically people that like metal but do not want to call themselves "metal heads," so they adopted the term hardcore.
Minor Threat and Dead Kennedys played hardcore music in the 80's.
A good hardcore band today is A Global Threat.
The kids that wear camouflage and like to hear some sick double bass are not "hardcore."
#hardcore #modern hardcore #post hardcore #punk #metal
by Thomas Too Shlong November 26, 2005
a form of music with hard fast delivery. simple and effective sounds, mainly focussed on a message. message is ussually unity, anarky, strength or public power. can range from straight edge to emo-core. has a dance style with it known as circle pitts and ninja pitting. some bands include most precious blood, alleged, from the ruins
at the hardcore gig we formed a circle pit and everyone thrashed, or ninja pitted. the music was loud and hard.
#circle pit #ninja pit #sxe #xxx #hk
by xBPx November 25, 2005
Hardcore music started out in the 80's as a spinoff from punk. The music is often heavy in nature. Breakdowns and double bass have been known to cause destruction in the local moshpit. Hardcore music is about hanging out with your friends and standing for something, either in politics, beliefs, staying positive, straight edge, whatever. Most people who are involved in the hardcore scene attend shows that their favorite bands are playing at. It doesnt matter if it's your friends band playing a local house show, or dancing with 50 kids at hellfest.
Unearth, Walls of Jericho, Throwdown, Converge, Darkest Hour.

This hardcore band is really bringing the mosh!

Wow, the breakdown in this hardcore band Walls of Jericho is so heavy.
by Brandon Vellandi August 21, 2005
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