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A Symbol of "Music=Life". Often Worn by the rad kids. Its is not a sign of Emo nor is it anti-Emo. It is simply used to represent bands and Awesome Music.
Billy: Why are those kids wearing "Flag rags"?
Suzie: They're not "Flag Rags". They're Hardcore Bandanas. The lives of those kids are ruled by Music.
Billy: Wow those kids are rad! Where can i get one? *wink*
by Mia Rad-Pants January 05, 2006
A red headgear usually worn by hardcore (HxC) kids so when they get kicked in the face at hardcore shows, they can take it off, clean themselves up, and not make a scene.
HxC noob: Yo I got kicked in the face.
HxC pro: too bad you didnt wear a hardcore bandana, i got kicked in the face too but i cleaned it up with mine.
HxC noob: oh
by Homieamndude September 06, 2008
Bandanas (usually red) worn by hxc kids. Represents good music. The most common way hxc kids wear them is around the neck, as a headband or around the arm. If you don't wear it any of those three ways, you're a n00b.
Craig: Dude that hardcore bandana is rape.
by holy fuck it's ali. May 07, 2008
A bandana used normally as a headband by HXC kids. It started because kids who got nose bleeds would just pull them down over their noses and keep on dancing.
HXC kid 1: Dude! Your noses is trashed! You should stop dancing.
HXC kid 2: No way. My hardcore bandana will stop it from getting every where. *smiles with thumbs up*
by dclanisgod February 26, 2009
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