a group of men who are insensitive to insults. See:cuntgoatseflamer
those guys at HARD|OCP are a buncha NAZIs
by Kyle Bennett March 31, 2003
Top Definition
A hardware review and news website. Offering insightful, fair-minded, and professional reviews of the latest in PC hardware and gaming-related technologies. They often buck the trend in the world of hardware reviews by focusing on "real world" results in their testing practices over canned synthetic testing styles.

See, testing methodology in GPU's, SSD's, and Power Supplies for examples of journalistic innovation and insight.
by Protean213 August 11, 2011
A website very similar to Arstechnica, although they have sold out in a different sort of way. Gives favorable reviews to anyone willing to send them hardware, has a webmaster with the IQ of a retarded cockroach with fetal alcohol syndrome, and constantly talks about how Hard everything is. Extreme overtones of homoeroticism.
How hard is your hat today?
by Bob McFillius May 27, 2003
Crap website run by a dumb fat texan
hardocp = worst site ever
by R0bstarr April 06, 2003
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