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The cafe in Brockenhurst College (New Forest, UK) that sells hot food, drinks and snacks to all students. Has MTV downstairs and a jukebox upstairs. Many cliche's are present.
The name is a joke on the famous Hard Rock Cafe.
Dude, let's go to Hard Brock, I really fancy a cheeseburger.

Mate, only the anime nerds and the wannabe's sit upstairs in Hard Brock.

That James guy in Hard Brock is well hot.
by Sunafire March 25, 2009
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The place in Brockenhurst college where the coolest kids in town hang out and chill getting food - they also blast out the tunes on MTV.
Mate have you heard the hard brock its like the place that all the danielle and emily's hang!
by Conny Frank January 20, 2011
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