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1. earning something by going to the hard way because there is no way of earning the money in an easy manner.
2. money that is earned through the hard way or hard work.
3. a large sum of money consisting of coins.
4. money that someone owes you and that person isn't sure that it is gonna be paid, thus not yet counted as money till the person has completed the transaction.
5. the money you'll or you'll not get in risky bets.
6. anything earned through the hard or risky way but has great monetary valued if sold or lent or leased.
1. my friend, peter earned the hard cash used for his debts by winning jeopardy.
2. I earned hard cash by always going overtime.
3. isn't that hard cash on your hands?, it's full of pennies and dimes.
4. he still didn't wrote a check for you, and I believe it's still hard cash.
5. jan and mark had a bet yesterday, I wonder who gets the hard cash.
6. that farm by the coopers could sell for a million, the coopers made a real hard cash there.
by nerdongbahaghari July 10, 2010
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