Harajuku is a cool place to visit on weekends when the interesting people come to hang out. I have played guitar there on several occasions in the open plaza by the entrance to the Meiji Jingumae historical site. Even as a middle aged American, I was accepted by the locals and we just had a great music jam and shared songs.
Proper pronunciation of Harajuku is difficult for Americans because there is no English equivalent for the J or R sounds. The J is pronounced like the French name Jaques. Not SH like shock or J like jock. Also the R is rolled as it would be if spoken in the German language.
by Chiaki54 October 17, 2008
harajuku is like style central of the world. it's a district in japan where the 'trendy-goths' meet and come up with the most amazing styles/outfits. the streets are the cat walks. such an amazing, vibrant, colourful, inspring place. the style is just immense. gwen stefani is a great follower of harajuku, she has recently started her harajuku lovers tour. in japan harajuku is the place to be.
'a fatal attraction to cuteness'
'harajuku - where the catwalk got it's claws'
by polly. August 16, 2005
A place near Tokyo where the coolest people on earth hang out wearing cute, cool, colourful and strange outfits to invent there own style. Harajuku can be called cosplay too.
They mostly hang out on harajuku bridge where tourists go to have pictures took with them on sundays.
Also gwen stafani is a fan of them too.
Me:Konnichiwa!! Harajukus r sooo cool, im gonna live there when i grow up. i <3 japan!
Person: OMG! ur obsessed with japan...
Me: MATA!!
by Pumpkin3 July 12, 2006
Tokyo's "teen town", harajuku is a shopping and entertainment sector for the young and hopelessly trendy.

Recently popularized by "Harajuku Girls", victims of bizarre teenage fashions that just don't look right on asian women of any age.

Recently popularized by the song "What you waiting for" by Gwen Stefani
Well, its not anywhere near as hot as animated japaneese tentacle porn, but those harajuku girls sure are selling - and parents don't complain nearly as much.
by zaphraud January 28, 2005
Gwen Stefanis bitches.
Gwen: I'm here with my harajuku girls

Damn, those harajuku girls got some wicked style.
by Dejiah August 05, 2005
Harajuku is an area in Tokyo where lots of vapid robots dress up like one another and stand around doing nothing all day.
"look at all those dumb idiots dressed like doctors and patients standing over there!!!"
by manko May 04, 2005
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