its when a male is having his cock sucked and before he cums, he pulls it out and goes in one the person's eye then instantly after he slaps the person with his member and the person goes yarrrrrrr.
by Smatt October 23, 2003
Top Definition
Someone that enjoys a angry pirate
Lauren is a happy pirate, she can't get enough of the angry pirate
by Ipk18 January 23, 2014
when a guy cums in his lady's eye making me cover her eye like an eye patch and then he kicks her in the shin making her kick her leg up (kinda like a wooden leg i guess) making her jump around like a happy little pirate :D

mitchell gave tiffany a happy pirate last night
~DAMN theres NOT a visene for that!
(no wonder she said her shins hurt)
by shaqwandah October 09, 2007
When a person is so high that one of their eyes closes like a pirate wearing an eye patch
we spoked 3 blunts alex was a happy pirate
by catoxx3 February 16, 2011
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